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I’m a UX designer, based in New York, currently part of the commerce team at SapientRazorfish.

Understanding users, and creating digital experiences that delight is what I love to do. In my work I combine my experience in UX research, UX strategy, interaction design and UI, to design unique, innovative digital solutions that meet both business goals and user needs.

I explored my passion for design at DESIGNATION, a full-stack UX/UI bootcamp in Chicago. During that time I worked with startups in both UX and UI and to help incorporate design thinking into their products. Upon graduation, I was one of two people who was offered a position with the company as a Designer-in-Residence.  My role allowed me to further apply my skills to improve the student experience while also working on internal company initiatives

From DESIGNATION, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join the CX (Customer Experience) team within the commerce group at SapientRazorfish, where I currently work today.  As part of the commerce team, we focus on large-scale e-commerce projects, primarily designing for the SAP Hybris platform. In conjunction with the tech, business, sales and QA pillars of our business, the CX team helps clients completely revamp their e-commerce websites. As a UX designer,  I create wireframes and interactive prototypes, assist in user research and testing and ensure that the client is fully aligned with design direction through frequent presentations. 

I have a multiethnic and multicultural background. Having lived in 6 countries across 3 continents from Asia to Europe to North America. This multinational experience has given me a unique perspective in design - allowing me to understand and empathize across cultures and groups. These experiences have also fueled my interests in health and fitness, animal welfare and art.